Come Out Of The Shadows – #COTS2017 

In 2016 Liverpool Pride literally shone a light on diversity by illuminating iconic buildings and structures across the Liverpool City region in rainbow colours to showcase us as a visibly LGBT friendly City and to challenge and raise awareness of hate crime as part of a 3 three year campaign supported by the Police and Crime Commission.  Embraced by local partners over 30 structures participated across the city region including: civic buildings, bridges, the Albert Dock and Liverpool Football Club.  This attracted considerable interest and our social media reach exceeded 1 million.  The video on the right gives a taster of the impacts and successes realised in our first year.

Come Out of the Shadows – #COTS17

In 2017 with the theme International Love, Liverpool Pride is now extending the invitation to international partners to join us and light up in support of this unique and ambitious campaign, which will show solidarity between international LGBT communities, provide support to new audiences and by using creative approaches can make positive and beautiful displays symbolising equality, acceptance and tolerance across all countries.

This campaign will allow LGBT friendly city’s from around the world to shine bright and show themselves, both inwardly and outwardly, as inclusive and diverse whilst educating and normalising LGBT in all its forms helping to make their City’s a safer place for all LGBT residents and visitors alike.  This approach is subtle, powerful yet unavoidable.  It raises interest, attracts news coverage and encourages debate.  Such public displays are quite often shown in responses to hate crime attacks on our community, but this in contrast is a proactive statement that transcends world politics and instead is a celebration of unity at a time when many people maybe feeling less secure.

Liverpool Pride will never forget that it was itself established following the murder of gay teenager Michael Causer, who tragically lost his life on 2 August 2008 following a hate crime attack.

Report Hate Crime

Statistics show us that in 2015/16 that over 350 people reported an LGBT hate crime in Merseyside, however the true figures are believed to be higher as it is understood many LGBT hate crimes often go unreported.  Last year following BRexit the Home Office also reported a 41% increase in hate crime, which includes increased attacks on our own community.  Liverpool Pride would therefore encourage anyone that has been a victim of a hate crime to seek support and not to suffer in silence.  This could include, telling a friend, seeking professional support and reporting it to the Police.   Stop Hate Crime UK are partners of Liverpool Pride and they offer a 24-hour confidential support service.


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