Liverpool Pride invites LGBT+ Ally communities to help us deliver a powerful and informative public exhibition in Liverpool City Centre showcasing our communities and supporting the ‘Come out of the Shadows’ campaign.

LGBT+ communities are often bundled together as one community, though each has discernible needs, services, communities, interests and viewpoints. Whilst many of these may be shared, the distinct and discrete aspects of these communities are often neglected and/or misunderstood. We hope to look at the differences – and commonalities – by giving voice to each, under a communal display. In essence, our biggest mission is to show that even with our distinct differences, we are all alike.

We need high-resolution photographs to use as lead images that portray LGBT+ Ally communities out and about, doing day-to-day tasks, in everyday life. Images may depict LGBT+Ally individuals or couples walking in the park, eating, brushing teeth, playing frisbee, enjoying sports, taking kids to school, reading, working, house work, domestic togetherness… as, so long as it is can be displayed in public, we want to see – and share – it.

We know our community is often perceived as ‘rainbows, glitter and sparkle’, especially around our annual festival, but this exhibit looks explicitly at life activity during the rest of the year. The images must show people and can represent all ages, cultures and abilities, but those pictured must identify with one of the following groups and b) be willing to have their images put on public display connected with one of the following communities:

  • Lesbian
  • Gay
  • Bisexual
  • Trans* + (Non-binary)
  • Ally (non-LGBT+ but supportive of LGBT+).

Images can come from amateurs or professionals, but they must be clear, crisp, in colour and no less than 300dpi + 1000mm/100cm/1m wide with suitable ratio height/drop (i.e., we need a landscape or portrait drop, not a banner).

In the event we are unable to locate the quality, range or number of images required, we will need people willing to be photographed. If you are willing then please contact us so we can keep your names and make suitable arrangements, if required.

We have a very tight deadline for this and would require all photographs or ‘model’ volunteer details to be submitted by Fri 23 June 2017.

Submission of images or details, assumes you have read these terms and conditions, thus you will be providing us with copyright to use the image. Image submissions and ‘model’ volunteers, need to provide;

1. the community the image or model represents in context of the exhibit

2. a contact name, phone number and email address. In addition, for images, we require the image owner and subject’s details, along with any image credits required.

Please send images, contact details and or questions to Emma Smith at 

For large files, please use We Transfer or similar.