The March – Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

What is Liverpool Pride aiming to create?

In one sentence? An international rainbow parade, full of music, celebration, colour and song in support of the progressive work of LGBT+ communities, globally, and the change we still need to see.

With enough participants, Liverpool Pride hopes to create a diverse March, which tells the story of International Love.

Representing as many nations as possible, we’d like all the populated continents represented. However, our aim is to identify and represent as many countries as we can. This begins with the 72 country flags, but is wholly supported by our participants.

How are we doing this?

We would like to take all 72 country flags – of countries who have not yet legalised homosexuality and therefore have poor LGBT+ rights – and disperse them evenly throughout the March. We would like to arrange our participant groups so that there is a strong and consistent blend of music, art, community and internationalism, which will create a positive spectacle for participants, audiences and global media, whilst supporting the story of International Love.

We’d like to bring these flags from out of the dark and into the light, to show them in all their glory; unified and supported by the rainbows of Pride and carried aloft by those supporting change. Once the March returns, we will create a temporary spectacle using these flags, reminding us of the change still to be made. They will oversee the remaining events, to be recorded for ever. In future years, we hope to see the number of flags required decrease to zero.

What can you do to support International Love?

The first and foremost thing you can do is register (see details) and bring friends and family to march with us on Saturday 29 July 2017. As well as inviting registrants, the general public will be able to join you, so make sure you share your part in the March as broadly as you can.

We would love to see you dress up and we have a number of ideas that – if you joined in with – would help us tell our story of International Love. These include:

  • Pride in London Agree to collect, carry and return one of 72 flags (representing the countries in which it is still illegal to be a homosexual) as part of the March. These have been loaned to Liverpool Pride by Pride in London, marking their solidarity with our March and demonstrating co-operation at national level. At the end of the March, flags will be collected to form an installation, which will be on display for the remainder of the festival. Details will follow for those that register interest in supporting this aspect of the March. To be clear: there will only be one flag per country and we wish to distribute these evenly along the March, so if you are not selected to bear one, please wave a rainbow instead! You will be informed in advance, when you are told your block number
  • International Love accessories. We want to see banners, flags, puppets and lanterns that represents what International Love means to you and or your group. It might depict a Bollywood love story, your depiction of intersectionality or a statement you want to make about LGBT+ tolerance today*
  • Liverpool Pride is a charity. We welcome people raising sponsorship for doing the March in fancy dress or for building a puppet or lantern. We have a Paypal Donate page ( through which all fundraised funds can be donated, so whether you’re using Just Giving, person-to-person cash collection or BACs payments, it’s really easy to donate. Liverpool Pride sincerely values participants taking the time, energy and opportunity to help our cause and would encourage anyone taking part in the March to consider asking friends and family to make a donation
  • Dress in a national dress/costume. From Alaskan fishing communities to the Zuni tribespeople of New Mexico, ‘traditional dress’ often represents a communal history or a collective identity. We would like to see as many national dresses – complete with fusions, takes and interpretations – marching together as we can muster. As a side-bar: Liverpool Pride do expect you to be considerate of those for whom the dress is important and to treat this opportunity with the respect it deserves – fun and good humour are welcomed, but please use good sense and discretion if you are ‘mocking up’ a national costume, particularly those with religious or political connections
  • Face flags. Consider painting a flag on your face. It could be of the country you are from, a country you would like to visit or one of the ones you most hope will amend their homosexuality laws to support LGBT+ communities. Ensure you know which it is – you will probably be asked!
  • Share. Tell your friends, family, colleagues and peers to come and join in the March. Everyone is welcome. LGBT+ communities are well supported by allies – this March is for us all to come together and show our society’s commitment to love and tolerance. Remember to Tweet and Facebook on the day #LiverpoolPride #International Love
  • Rainbow flags. Carry a rainbow flag in solidarity for all that Liverpool Pride and Prides around the world stand for. If you don’t have a rainbow flag already, there will be a Pride stall on the day from which you can purchase one (or more!)
  • After the March, make sure you head over to the World on One Stage, to see just how international the friends of Liverpool Pride

* Remember: whatever you bring must be transportable by you for the duration. No vehicles are permitted. Portable PAs and soundmakers are welcomed, but we ask that you let us know that you’re using them so we can place you in the March accordingly.


If you would like to download the above information to share with friends and colleagues, please click on the following link – 4 LP2017 Artistic statement