March – General Information

General information

The March takes place at midday on Saturday 29 July 2017 (gather from 10.30am). Last year’s March saw over 5,000 people marching in support of Liverpool Pride. We anticipate record numbers of people registering to take part in the 2017 Liverpool Pride March, so we hope this will be the best one yet.

Don’t forget to embrace our theme of #InternationalLove #LiverpoolPride. Please ensure you have read the Artistic Statement. We want to ensure every imagination is being used to

  • design incredible individual fancy dress outfits
  • show off group expressions and
  • create ancillary materials (floats, banners, decorations, etc).

Registrant commitments

Liverpool Pride has been sponsored and/or supported by Barclays, Manchester Airport, Homes for Everyone, Barefoot Wine and Radio City. Grant money has also been provided via Arts Council England, Liverpool City Council, Big Lottery and the Police Commissioner funds. This money consists in part of public money for which we are accountable.

For this reason, and in support of Liverpool Pride’s LGBT+ work, it is critical we collect information about our participants. Registrants will be asked to provide details about themselves or group, including information about each participant’s

  • age
  • nationality and ethnicity
  • gender
  • sexual preference
  • disability
  • education and employment status.

Registrants will also have to commit to having read the official pack. Unless a registrant confirms they have read this a registration cannot be made. Once you have registered and told us what you intend to bring and do, we will be in touch to give you a block number, telling you where in the March you/your group will be positioned.

Muster times and set off

Where to meet: St George’s Plateau.

Please note, there is NO parking available on William Brown Street during the Liverpool Pride event. All other public car parks will be open as usual during the day and public transport is expected to run as normal, though with an anticipated influx of city bound visits, we would recommend giving yourself a little more time to get in to Liverpool to ensure you arrive on time and/or have time to find parking spaces.

Mustering will take place between 10.30am and 12 noon. During this time there will be some performances and speeches from Pride’s celebrity guests and dignitaries on the Plateau Stage (in front of St George’s Hall, facing Lime Street).

Volunteer stewards will be dotted along the muster line with numbered boards. When ready, join the group behind them, before the 12noon departure time (a minimum of 15 minutes in advance).

The March will depart at 12 noon, once the March route’s traffic has been brought to a standstill. You and any friends or colleagues intending to march will need to join the block you have been assigned. These blocks are assigned to ensure that the March tells a coherent story and that those with music, sound makers and large celebration accessories are spread evenly throughout the March. Please respect this, as it will help your hard work stand out, keep audiences interested and help with the March’s progression.

The route

The March will travel onto Lime Street, through Queens Square Bus Station, left along Whitechapel (past the Metquarter), turning right at the Paradise Street McDonald‘s, travelling past Debenhams and the Law Courts on Derby Square. Here it will turn right into Castle Street, Dale Street and North John Street, left into Victoria Street then into Stanley Street; turning right onto Dale Street, over the Churchill Way Flyover and back into St George’s Hall Plateau. There are a couple of stopping points along the way. We aim to arrive back at St George’s Hall at around 1.15pm, but it may take longer than that. The distance of the March is approximately 1.62 miles in total.

Click this link for a map of the route:

Weather and wear

Liverpool Pride wants a happy March, so we recommend wearing comfortable footwear. We actively welcome the development of puppets, banners, soundmakers, flags, etc, but remind you that no vehicles are permitted and anything you do bring must be transported by you. Please consider this in advance.

While jogger’s nipple is an unlikely consequence of marching, carrying banners and flags can lead to blisters and on a sunny day sun cream and/or parasols are a must. Wet weather will not prevent us from having fun, so bright umbrellas and wellingtons may also be order of the day! Please think ahead and look at our Notes about the March section.

Notes about the March

A few things to note about the Liverpool Pride March:

  • No Vehicles. The Liverpool Pride March is all on foot. If any vehicle attempts to take part, it and you will be turned away
  • No stickers or flyers. Council byelaws prohibit street flyering. Please do not litter the March with stickers, flyers or promotional print – this is a March in which we stand together as a unified group, in support of a single cause, not a commercial showcase
  • Along the route, we anticipate there will be Christian protesters, reading passages from the bible. Normally they congregate outside the Law Courts on Derby Square. Just as we are protesting and marching through the city, they have a right to protest, too. Other groups may also decide to follow suit. To be clear: Merseyside Police will not tolerate anyone who leaves the line and causes a nuisance. We urge you to stay in the March line and pass peacefully. If you blow your whistles and cheer and chant as loud as you can in celebration of what you’re doing, you won’t hear them and by staying in formation you will help to maintain solidarity, unity and friendship, just as we are recommending is done around the world
  • Pets are welcome. If you wish to dress up your dog or other pet, you are welcome to bring them along, but please ensure it is kind to do so. You will have full responsibility for its behaviour and actions towards others. Be mindful of the weather and of any young children, who may wish to approach
  • If anyone in your party is bringing banners and/or flags, or you are carrying those provided to you by Liverpool Pride, please be aware of high winds. Likewise, if anyone is planning on wearing stilts of any description, please bear this in mind. You are responsible for your own well-being, so please take extra care if there is any high wind and around St George’s Hall as the road is covered in cobbles
  • St George’s Plateau and William Brown Street is a cobbled area. Wheelchair users are advised – and welcomed – to use the paths round the side of the muster area and March organisers have ensured the March route is all on the Public Highway. For all those walking, we recommend sensible footwear and taking breaks where they are needed, according to an individual’s own health and wellbeing needs
  • Alcohol. Drinking alcohol anywhere during the Muster, on the March route and in St John’s Gardens after the March is forbidden. Normal regulations and laws surrounding the consumption of alcohol will be in force. Anyone caught drinking alcohol by Merseyside Police will be dealt with accordingly. Liverpool Pride, its staff, contractors, volunteers or Board will not intervene in any of these situations. Approved and regulated bars will open as licenced once the March is within the event site
  • Security Services will be conducting bag searches at all entrance points. No Alcohol, glass or opened soft drinks can be brought onto the site, but soft and alcoholic drinks are available to purchase
  • Participants should not expect to take part in the March if they are drunk or under the influence of drugs. Any person found to be in possession or under the influence of illegal substances will be reported to Merseyside Police, with whom we work closely to deliver a safe March and event
  • Liverpool Pride’s March is free to take part in, but sadly, not free to host. Liverpool Pride would be grateful for any donations towards hosting this element of our festival. Donations can be made through our Paypal donate button on the website.

This year will see an array of food outlets and a large community market with various activities and three stages with a full programme of entertainment and activity, too. We hope you and your friends, colleagues and family will enjoy the array of experiences available.


If you would like to download the above information to share with friends and colleagues, please click on the following link –5 LP2017 General information and notes