March – Introduction

An introduction to Liverpool Pride from our Chair


Thank you all for registering to come and take part in the Liverpool Pride March, taking place on Saturday 29 July 2017.

The following information pack provides all the details you should need regarding this year’s March, including

  • general information
  • muster times and set off
  • the route
  • notes about the March
  • rules etc.

We would also like to draw your attention to this year’s theme and encourage you – as far as possible – to join us in our aim of showcasing International Love. We have prepared an artistic statement, to share our artistic aims and offer ideas and we ask that you agree to help us deliver our objectives. In essence, our plan is to acknowledge and reflect on the 72* nations who have not yet legalised homosexuality and do not recognise their LGBT+ communities. We will provide the 72 flags, along with a series of Pride flags and trust that members of your group will collect these and redeliver them back to our agreed locations, as set out below.

We are also asking that you share your creative plans with us in advance so that we can create a beautiful rainbow parade so that your work can be displayed appropriately, based on its scale, need for clearance, sound bleed, etc. Please ensure you feed this back to us, using our online registration form on the next page.

If there is anything we have missed or you need to know, please let us know a.s.a.p as it will help us ensure everyone has what they need. We are looking forward to seeing you all on the day and to building up a picture of the March in advance so we can build the hype, involve others and deliver the best March Liverpool Pride has dared to conceive since our beginnings in 2010!

During the weekend of Liverpool Pride, feel free to catch any of the stewards for more information and please ensure you have a good time. More information about other activities for the event can be found on our website – or on any of our social media channels (@Liverpoolpride #LiverpoolPride #InternationalLove).

Thank you for getting involved,

Lucy Day, Chair of Liverpool Pride

* This is the figure provided by Stonewall Stonewall are the biggest organisation to campaign for equal rights for LGBT+ people and where the campaign for equal rights for LGBT+ people began.


If you would like to download the above information to share with friends and colleagues, please click on the following link – 1 LP2017 Introduction