Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What dates does Liverpool Pride take place?

A: Liverpool Pride will be taking place across two days and two sites this year.
Saturday 28th, the main festival day, will be along Tithebarn Street, start out from Exchange Station, at the top of Moorfields, all the way down to the Lambanana.
Sunday 29th will have various  events taking place across the city centre, with our main hub being at the Bluecoar

Q: What is the theme this year? 

A: The theme this year is "#AllTogetherNow". Embrace our community and all it's denominations and identities in the notion of acceptance and diversity.

Q: When are the event opening and closing times? 

A: Saturday 28th July will see our main festival site open at 12pm (the same time the march leaves its start point) and will continue to allow entry until 8pm, with full closure at 9pm

Sunday 29th July will see our main hub at The Bluecoat opening at 11am, and closing at 5pm.

The march muster will take place at St George's Hall, starting at 11am, and ending at 12pm when the march leaves to make its way around Liverpool City Centre before arriving at the event site at 1pm. 

Q: What times are the acts performing? 

A: Check out our lineup page for stage times and running orders released a few days before the event - we are advised to release acts in 2 hour slots for health and safety reasons, to avoid rushes to any stage at any given time.

Q: What time do we have to leave the event site? 

A: The event site will remain open til 8pm, at which point entry will no longer be permitted, and all attendees must have left site by 9pm when it will be completely closed.

Q: Where is the Medical Area located?


Q: Is there a Lost Property area?


Q: Is there an area for lost children?

A: All of our security, stewards and police are briefed on the correct procedure for lost or found children so if your child is lost, please contact the nearest steward.

Q: Are pets allowed on site?

A: Pets are permitted to access the Event Site but are the responsibility of their owners. If a pet seems distressed by the crowds, please remove them!

Q: What food will be available? 

A: There's food concessions dotted across the site so make sure to fuel up on some good grub!

Q: Can I bring my own alcohol?

A: We will be requesting to check the bags of all guests entering the Event Site. We want to keep all our visitors safe so we'll be checking for any prohibited items which includes glass bottles of alcohol. Please finish your drinks before you arrive as they'll be plenty of bars on site.

Q: Where are the closest ATM machines?

A: There is a cash machine at Moorefields Station, just outside the main entrance to the site, as well as on Dale Street at the nearby Tesco.

Q: Are we allowed to film the event?

A: Most definitely! Use your phone on your camera and share your memories with us by using the hashtag #LiverpoolPride2018. However, we restrict the use of professional camera equipment in our arenas to accredited photographers only. 

Q: Are we allowed to bring selfie sticks into the arenas?

A: Sorry I'm afraid not...please leave your selfie stick at home. 

Q: Do you have to pay to get into the bars and clubs around the Stanley Street Quarter?

A: Please check individual club listings for each venue as Liverpool Pride do not set any entrance fees to clubs and bars during or outside of the event. Alternatively, call ahead and ask the venue about their policy. 

Q: How do I make a complaint? 

A: To make a complaint during Liverpool Pride, simply find a member of staff or security. To make a complaint post event, please contact us