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Diva Hollywood

Diva Hollywood is the UK's only female talking whip cracking cabaret performer and host. With her double whip cracking skills, her cheeky attitude, audience games and her love of dark satire, Diva is a force to be reckoned with.

Diva has been voted in the top 50 performers and top 20 cabaret performers in the UK.

Expect fun and games where no one is safe as Diva likes to get in and play with her crowd.


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Beers for Queers

Monthly Social for the LGBTQ+ community and their fabulous friends and family ALL WELCOME at District, Baltic Triangle, Liverpool every first Thursday of the month.

Beers For Queers will be doing a Pride Special DJ Set for us at the Cabaret tent!


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Formed out of a love for all things 80's, and in particularly 80's music, the Ukuleighties (pronounced: You Cool 80's) combine electro ukuleles, key tars, hand percussion & gritty harmonies with rad lead vocals shared amongst band members with excessive hairspray thrown into the mix.

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Feminista & Filla Crack

Resident entertainers on local cruise liner The Fab Ferry, the duo recently made a bold escape from quarantine after coming down with a debilitating disorder due to cross (dressing) contamination resulting in the contraction of Stage 3 Feminism.


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Kenny Thompson

Performing some of the biggest and best cabaret numbers ever written!
Kenny is best known for his theatre / TV career and appearance on The Voice UK 2014. 



Ruthie Adamson

Liverpool's literary, lopsided lesbian. She has passionately performed poetry at various venues to audiences large and small including at Homotopia 2017 and she more recently represented Liverpool Pride this year at Pride On Fire.
She has a famous fan in the queer community's David Hoyle who describes her as an "activist poet". She is not famous or infamous herself but she is working on being both.


Ashleigh Owen

Ashleigh Owen is a fat, queer, working class Artist and Performer who’s work focuses on themes surrounding her identity such as: body image, class, gender roles, LGBTQIA+ issues and mental health through cabaret, comedy and parody.
In her work she uses elements of movement and slapstick to push and challenge the boundaries and stigmas towards being a fat person in today’s society. Ashleigh’s professional credits have included Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the International Shakespeare Festival
amongst her own productions of The Bald Prima Donna and The Rise And Fall Of The Hamburger Queen (supported by Homotopia).



Jordan Leyland

Jordyn is a 17 year old transgender Singer/Songwriter from Warrington. 
Jordyn's music has an acoustic indie style to it, with some political themes and some ramblings about things I need to get off my chest.
Jordyn's music can be found on facebook HERE



A dancer; rapper; lipsyncer; host ; gender-bending drag act and burlesque artist who is capable of terrific fierceness or exquisite softness. Over the last two years they have risen through the London scene

Are you ready for a taste of RhyssPieces?
Instagram - @rhysspieces_

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Alternative Fashion Fest

Our Tribe bring to you a fashion, music and performance event which will blow your mind - all with the underpinning message of
raising self esteem, celebrating diversity, stamping out hatred and bullying. 
A performance not to be missed!


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Dollman Disco

More salad cream than mayonnaise!
Gary (Dollman) Sollars presents Dollman Disco: an irreverent “childrens’ party for adults” mixing live art performance, music and games running semi-regularly in Liverpool since 2005.

Dollman presents a fun sized bite of the hugely popular night. The set will see an assortment of unusual acts, music and audience participation!

Not to be missed!