Liverpool Pride Statement RE: Safety Concerns


On 7th July 2018, a very small group of individuals hijacked a Pride Parade to gain grand exposure for their transphobic rhetoric. They failed.

The inundation of messages of support, approval, and love for our Trans & non-binary communities washed away the attempt of pushing a non-inclusive message onto an incredibly inclusive group of people.

Liverpool Pride condemns these actions.

As always, we have been working closely with Merseyside Police, our Joint Agency partners, and our event management team. We have a robust event management plan in place and will continue to work with partners should any incidents (of any kind) impact our event.

Rest assured, the safety and wellbeing of all our attendees is paramount in the overall organisation of our event, and we want the Trans community to know that they are, as they always have been and forever will be, welcome at Liverpool Pride and equal in our campaign, alongside every other respectful group of people.

We hope that you will join us in celebrating equality, diversity & inclusivity on Saturday 28th July.